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A:Computer word processing is one of the most common applications for most computer users.D可能一节课下来都不能开口说英语,hatchstore.net而在线英语学习可以让您有更多的机会学习说英语o you think so?计算机文字处理是大多数计算机用户最常用的计算机应用之一,是这样吗?

B:Sure.Even I can tell that word processing is overwhelmingly popular today.当然。就连我都觉得文字处理当今如火如荼。

A:Yeah.Writing letters,memos or reports are ways most users use computers.With word processing software or a word processor,users are able to manipulate words and text on a computer screen.对。大多数用户用计算机写信、业务便函、报告。有了文字处理软件,也叫文字处理器,用户就能驾驭计算机屏幕上的文字和文本。

B:Therefor少儿英语培训机构哪家好,王老师为什么这么喜欢抄写文章呢?e,computers ease much of the tedium associated with typing,proofing and manipulating words.所以计算机大大减轻了与打字、校对及文字运用有关的枯燥工作。

A:Exactly.Since computers are capable of storing and recalling data so easily,files need not be retyped from scratch just to make corrections or changes.The real strength of a word processor is its ability to store,retrieve,and change data.一点儿不错。因为计算机可以轻而易举地存储、调用数据,所以用户就不用为给文件改错或修改文件而把文件重打一遍。文字处理软件的真正强项是它存储、调用及修改数据的功能。

B:Sounds sensible.听着很说明问题。

A:Word processing is more than just typing.Search and replace features coming with words processors allow users to locate a particular word or phrase no matter where it is in a body of text.文字处理不仅仅限于打字。文字处理的查找和替换功能可使用户找到文件内任何地方的特定文字和段落。

B:These features become more useful with the growth of the amount of text.文章越长,这个功能就显得越实用。

A:You can say that again.说得对。

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