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Alex:Do you like drawing and painting?

Jessica:Yes,I love it,but I do this just as a hobby.What about you?

Alex:Im very interested in it.

Jessica:Why do you like painting?


Alex:It gives me the freedom to express myself.Indeed,Im a fine arts student.

Jessica:So you must have a lot of painting classes.

Alex:Yes.I have many courses,such as Sketch,Colors,Composition,Oil Painting,the Chinese Painting and so on.I learned a lot of techniques from my teachers.

Jessica:What is your favorite subject?

Alex:I started with still life,but my favorite is portraits.

Jessica:Could you show me your works?

Alex:Sure.Here is a lotus flower painted in Gongbi style,also called the traditional Chinese realistic painting.

Jessica:In such minute details!Its so nice!

Alex:Unlike the free style of Xieyi,Gongbi is characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail.

Jessica:Which has more merit then,Gongbi or Xieyi?

Alex:Opinions vary.But I suppose Xieyi requires more imagination while Gongbi presents true-to-life objects and scenes.

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