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关于网络游戏(Computer games)英语作文

  关于网络游戏(Computer games)英语作文


在线英语培训机构排名哪家好 这个网站最专业的资讯供您选择。   More and mare college students are becoming indulged in computer games. Someof them play video games all night, which will inevitably spoil their studies. Otherseven play truant to enjoy themselves.

  We have three possible masons to account for this trend. First of alljnformationtechnology is developing at a fantastic speed and computer games are becomingmore and more advanced and attractive. Whats more,

  many students dont knowto which extent they are allowed to experience the games.网络英语外教一对一培训机构哪个好,sh-nsds.com效果怎么样 In the third place, theuniversity authority and teachers are too lenient with students-they attach greatimportance to imparting knowledge and more or less overlook studentspersonalitydevelopment.

  The solutions to this problem seem more than clear on this occasion. By cre利用互联网资源,节省了很多的成本,huanleyuan688.com比如店铺、课程设备等硬件,自然就比线下的要优惠多多。atinga favorable environment, university authorities can help students enjoy learning in andafter class. Moreover, university teachers should teach students how to make the bestuse of their time and energy to realize their dreams.

  Last but not least,this mass mediashould also play .positive role in conveying message that it is not wise for collegestudents to play computer games for long hours.

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